Phil Kerpen: Congress Needs to Fix FDA Vapor Rule

Phil Kerpen, author of the 2011 book Democracy Denied has written an excellent piece calling on Congress to fix FDA’s proposed regulation of vapor products. In his commentary, Kerpen rightly points out that FDA intends to impose even stricter restrictions on vapor products than cigarettes, eliminate innovation and leave thousands of American small businesses in ruins.

CA Rep. Hunter: Don’t Stifle Vaping

Today, California Congressman Duncan Hunter not only outed himself as a vaper, but issued a powerful statement to FDA and his fellow members of Congress supporting a change in the grandfather date. Rep. Hunter clearly understands the importance of vapor products as a significant benefit to public health while also protecting thousands of American small…

The VAPE CAST with Cynthia Cabrera of SFATA

In this episode of The VAPE CAST, Josh gets political. His very special guest Cynthia Cabrera, Executive Director & President of SFATA, is here to help set the facts straight about the FDA deeming regulations, HR 2058 (otherwise known as the “Cole Bill”), and what you can do as a consumer, as a business, and as an influencer in vaping. If you have any questions about the recent regulations and proposals concerning vaping (and what you can do to help change it), this is a must-watch episode.

FDA Is Out Of Its Mind – Dr. Siegel

Dr. Michael Siegel’s analysis of the FDA deeming ban presents an in-depth and terrifying look at the possible future of vaping. According to Siegel, the “Deeming Regulations Should Be Called “The Cigarette Protection Act of 2015″; Regs are an Embarrassment to Public Health and Will Decimate the Vaping Industry”.

The Reg Map on Rulemaking

The following is a useful overview that shows you the steps that are generally taken during regulatory rulemaking. As you can tell from this map, the FDA’s deeming regulations are currently at step 8 and we’re only one step away from the final part of the process.