15 Working Days till Final Deeming Rule Takes Effect

It was very challenging for those who tuned in this week to listen to the FDA’s webinar “Live Deeming Rule Q&A: How Can My Business Comply?” covering the new (and final) regulations to sit still. Despite the presenter’s efforts to provide guidance in a nice, calm manner, the message that the situation is dire came crashing through.

Phil Kerpen: Congress Needs to Fix FDA Vapor Rule

Phil Kerpen, author of the 2011 book Democracy Denied has written an excellent piece calling on Congress to fix FDA’s proposed regulation of vapor products. In his commentary, Kerpen rightly points out that FDA intends to impose even stricter restrictions on vapor products than cigarettes, eliminate innovation and leave thousands of American small businesses in ruins.

CA Rep. Hunter: Don’t Stifle Vaping

Today, California Congressman Duncan Hunter not only outed himself as a vaper, but issued a powerful statement to FDA and his fellow members of Congress supporting a change in the grandfather date. Rep. Hunter clearly understands the importance of vapor products as a significant benefit to public health while also protecting thousands of American small…

FDA Is Out Of Its Mind – Dr. Siegel

Dr. Michael Siegel’s analysis of the FDA deeming ban presents an in-depth and terrifying look at the possible future of vaping. According to Siegel, the “Deeming Regulations Should Be Called “The Cigarette Protection Act of 2015″; Regs are an Embarrassment to Public Health and Will Decimate the Vaping Industry”.

Vaping: A Swing Voter Issue

Tod Robberson of the Dallas Morning News opines on vaping as a swing issue in the upcoming elections. Vapers are more politically active than ever before, and they’re watching closely. Politicians seeking re-election will need to consider whether they wish to support vaping as a method of harm reduction, or explain why they want to…

The Grandfather Date – What are FDA’s Alternatives?

This article discuss the need for a new “Grandfather Date” for deemed tobacco products like e-cigarettes, FDA’s authority to establish such a new date, and potential alternative dates.

FDA Regulation of E-Cigarettes, Are You Prepared?

This article summarizes the Tobacco Control Act requirements that would apply to e-vapor companies if the proposed Deeming Regulation is finalized. It is critically important for e-vapor companies to prepare for regulation, as we now know that FDA’s Final Rule for the Deeming Regulation has been sent to OMB/OIRA for review.