15 Working Days till Final Deeming Rule Takes Effect

It was very challenging for those who tuned in this week to listen to the FDA’s webinar “Live Deeming Rule Q&A: How Can My Business Comply?” covering the new (and final) regulations to sit still. Despite the presenter’s efforts to provide guidance in a nice, calm manner, the message that the situation is dire came crashing through.

Addiction? The Public Health Impact of E-cigarettes

The use of vaporized nicotine products (VNPs), especially e-cigarettes and, to a lesser extent, pressurized aerosol nicotine products and heat-not-burn tobacco products, are being adopted increasingly as an alternative to smoking combusted products, primarily cigarettes. Considerable controversy has accompanied their marketing and use. We propose a framework that describes and incorporates patterns of VNP and combustible cigarette use in determining the total amount of toxic exposure effects on population health.

Royal College of Physicians: Encourages Smokers to Vape

Today The Royal College of Physicians is releasing a new 200 page report titled “Nicotine without smoke: Tobacco Harm Reduction” which concludes, among other things: Smokers can be reassured and ENCOURAGED to use e-cigs, and the public can be reassured that e-cig are MUCH SAFER than smoking. E-cigs are NOT a gateway to smoking.
E-cigs do NOT result in normalization of smoking. Evidence indicates that e-cigs are being used almost exclusively as SAFER ALTERNATIVES to smoked tobacco, by confirmed smokers who are trying to REDUCE HARM to themselves OR OTHERS from smoking, or to quit smoking completely.

The VAPE CAST with Cynthia Cabrera of SFATA

In this episode of The VAPE CAST, Josh gets political. His very special guest Cynthia Cabrera, Executive Director & President of SFATA, is here to help set the facts straight about the FDA deeming regulations, HR 2058 (otherwise known as the “Cole Bill”), and what you can do as a consumer, as a business, and as an influencer in vaping. If you have any questions about the recent regulations and proposals concerning vaping (and what you can do to help change it), this is a must-watch episode.

The Reg Map on Rulemaking

The following is a useful overview that shows you the steps that are generally taken during regulatory rulemaking. As you can tell from this map, the FDA’s deeming regulations are currently at step 8 and we’re only one step away from the final part of the process.

HR 2058 National Call to Action

National Call to Action: Tell the White House to urge FDA to re-work the deeming regulations so that life-saving vapor products can remain on the market!

The Grandfather Date – What are FDA’s Alternatives?

This article discuss the need for a new “Grandfather Date” for deemed tobacco products like e-cigarettes, FDA’s authority to establish such a new date, and potential alternative dates.

FDA Regulation of E-Cigarettes, Are You Prepared?

This article summarizes the Tobacco Control Act requirements that would apply to e-vapor companies if the proposed Deeming Regulation is finalized. It is critically important for e-vapor companies to prepare for regulation, as we now know that FDA’s Final Rule for the Deeming Regulation has been sent to OMB/OIRA for review.