The VAPE CAST with Cynthia Cabrera of SFATA

In this episode of The VAPE CAST, Josh gets political. His very special guest Cynthia Cabrera, Executive Director & President of SFATA, is here to help set the facts straight about the FDA deeming regulations, HR 2058 (otherwise known as the “Cole Bill”), and what you can do as a consumer, as a business, and as an influencer in vaping. If you have any questions about the recent regulations and proposals concerning vaping (and what you can do to help change it), this is a must-watch episode.

Vaping: A Swing Voter Issue

Tod Robberson of the Dallas Morning News opines on vaping as a swing issue in the upcoming elections. Vapers are more politically active than ever before, and they’re watching closely. Politicians seeking re-election will need to consider whether they wish to support vaping as a method of harm reduction, or explain why they want to…